Definition first: Morbius, the Living Vampire, a.k.a. Dr. Michael Morbius, Ph.D.M.D. is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Roy Thomas and originally designed by penciler Gil Kane, he was at first depicted as an enemy of the superhero Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (October 1971).

This is what Wikipedia says. In original he’s an enemy of the Spider-man.

Did he became a super-hero in the movie? No.

Is he super? No.

Is he even a hero? No.


Movie name: Morbius 

Stars: Jared Leto, Matt Smith

Year: 2022, 1h 44min  

Director: Daniel Espinosa

IMDb rating: 5.2 


What dess he do all his life long as a doctor? A cure that makes him and his best friend a normal and a healthy person.

What did he do? He copied the genes of Bats.

What he became in the end? A fucking vampire!

Did he help the little girl suffering from his disease in the intensive care unit of the hospital to be cured? No.

Here is my version of the story: Dr. Morbius and his best friend Milo should have been rivals. And they would have found the cure (it’snot a not cure-it’sa curse; it turns you to a blood-sucking monster) at the same time. Milo would have created an army of vampires to himself. He is rich but because of his illness he wasn’t powerful all his life long. He would have wanted an army of his own and attacked the innocent people. Because he suffered from his illnes all life long, he became evil., hating the healthy people with no reason. I am creating a powerful villain with bad instincts so as the hero’s victory will be as glamorous and will be sensationally appreciated. Morbius would have fought Milo so as to save the innocent people of Gotham or whereever it is.

Uppps did I say Gotham? Sorry I must have been confused. Last time I checked the only hero whom oriented from bats was Batman. Now we’ve got a new not-super-not-hero-something-wild-with-theeth-and-icy-blue-eyes.


I hated the ship sequence because how come he became thirsty of blood and killed so many people at first injection? And it was his last attack on human beings. Should i believe that?

I’m sorry Jared Leto but it didn’t work. Either you don’t have the super-hero farbric or the screen-writers are, how can I say, too dum.

And yes a sequel is coming too. OMG, you shouldn’t do this.

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