Miniseries: Zerozerozero 

Stars: Andrea Riseborough, Dane DeHaan, Manuel Contreras, Gabriel Byrne 

Season: 2019-2020, 1 season, 8 episodes  

Directors: Janus Metz, Pablo Trapero, Stefano Sollima 

Platform: Sky Original 

IMDb rating: 8.2 

It’s an Italians-Mexicans-Americans involved drug dealing story. But it’s not that simple. It’s a big cocaine shipment from Mexico to which the Americans are the brokers and the Italians are the buyers. And in the Italian family someone is not obeying the Omerta. The miniseries have scenes bloody and shitty as The Godfather (1972). So it tells us that nothing is new in the mafia since.  

The S1E1 opens with these sentences: 

“Do you believe in love? Love ends. Do you believe in your heart? Your heart stops. No love and no heart? So you believe in pussy. Even the pussy dries up after a while. You believe in your wife. As soon as your money runs out she’ll tell you you’re neglecting her. You believe in your children? As soon as you stop giving money they say you don’t love them. Ah you believe in your mama? If you don’t nurse her she’d say you’re an ungrateful child. Now listen to what I’m telling you. So what happens when you’ve got nothin’ to give? When you’ve got nothin’ left?” 

The father of the American broker family is played by Gabriel Byrne whom we know from Usual Suspects (1995) as Keaton. I’d like to mention the actors Andrea Riseborough ve Dane DeHaan who are playing the daughter and the son of the American family. We know DeHaan from The Amazing Spider Man 2(2014) as Green Goblin/Harry Osborn. 

By the way if you ever wonder what ‘zerozerozero’ is, I’ll come forward with a fact that I learned from ‘trivia’ part of IMDb. It’s the Italian grading system of flour. 

00 – patisserie without yeast and fresh pasta, pastry cremes, and sauces (highest grade flour) 

0 – patisserie with yeast and flatbreads 

1 – bread 

2 – bread 

000 – higher than highest or pure cocaine.

Enjoy your miniseries. 

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