First Rocky movie: 1976

Second Rocky movie: 1979

Third Rocky movie: 1982

Release of the song Eye of the Tiger: 29 May 1982

The song Eye of the Tiger is written br Survivor for the movie Rocky III as the request of Sylvester Stallone, writer, director and star of that movie.  He had asked the permission to use Another One Bites the Dust to use in the film and Queen denied his permission. Than God for this because the song Eye of the Tiger would have never existed then. And the second song Burning Heart, Survivor made for Rocky IV  wouldn’t be written either.

I was in the first class of the middle school. It was the year 1984, two years after Rocky III was released. We however, without an internet, heard the song Eye of the Tiger and also memorized and sang it over and over and over. There was a casette recorder in our house me and my brother recorded our sounds singing Eye of the Tiger using a stool as percussion.

Today, on January 14th, 2017, I watched the video of the song Eye of the Tiger for the first time in my life. I actually didn’t know or care about if the song had a video-clip or not. I really loved the song against all odds.