After last year’s interview with the vampire, oh sorry with Santa Claus, I recieved an e-mail from Santa this year. He was inviting me as co-pilot to his sledge because there were so many packages to deliver. I was so eager to travel with Santa so I really appreciated his invitation and I said “yes”.

When he appeared with a Coke bottle in his hand and a golden globe shaped like earth, I was just leaving the cinema hall in which I’ve watched the movie Skyfall:

– Are you ready to go?
– Where?
– Anywhere!

He moved the globe fast enough for me to lose the sight of where in the earth I was touching. When he looked at the place where my finger is pointing he cheered: “Perfect!”

As the sledge slowed down we were about to dive into the ocean of lights where the city of Shanghai already swims in.

Shanghai was just like what I remembered from the movie, Skyfall. They had spent really huge amounts of money to build this city (on rock’n’roll!). But also there was a big effort to enlighten the city with all colors of the rainbow. This is why they took the shooting of Shanghai at night: The cities and women are more beautiful at nights!

In the movie of Skyfall Istanbul is shown as a crowded, dusty Middle-east city. The motorbikes running in the roof of Grand Bazaar, a crowded bridge but not the Bosphorus and then two rival agents ending up in a TCDD* train. (*Turkish Republic Railways). Bond’s partner could not follow the train because the motorway ended nearby İstanbul! After she shooted Bond tragically by mistake, he fell off a bridge I don’t know where the hell is that railway brigde!

I asked Santa to build a landmark in İstanbul so that if someone shoots another movie in that city, they would find something to show off. But I am not ready for his answer:

– If the politicsmen in Turkey would serve their people as they will never die and pray for the God as they’ll die tomorrow, I think your all problems will be solved!

This time it was my turn to make the world go round. As he pointed his finger to a place on the globe, he asked as if he knew what our next stop is:

– Have you got your swimming-suit with you honey?

While he was asking the question the golden globe stopped at the Far-east’s glamorous city-state of Singapore!

However they knew the Santa with the deers pulling a sledge will arrive and they’ve built a hotel with a roof at the top of it: Marina Bay Sands. Here’s what you see from the ground:

20121216-221016.jpgAnd here’s what I see at the top:

20121216-221337.jpgI was having great time at the top of the building but something was bothering me. I couldn’t understand why we were having fun for ourselves instead of delivering the packages to every child in the world.

– Didn’t we have to deliver the packages to the children of the world?

– It is the end of the world on 21st of December, right?

– What? You depend on that? What if it isn’t?

– Who cares? They’ll be rewarded for they are alive again! Let me do something for me at least this year! What were you expecting at all? Should I give brains to the brainless, hearts to the heartless, courage to the courageless? Who do you think I am? The fucking Wizard of Oz?

– I’n’know… Maybe this time we should have change the world… It would snow in Africa… The children shouldn’t have died… They would eat candies too…

– It would snow in Africa… bla bla bla… And the globe gets warmer…! All the hurricanes come in a hurry…! All the fault-lines would be Santa’s fault…! So what…? Where the hell are you livin’?


– The only present for children of Africa is this Coke bottle in my hands! And this year we’ll deliver them in frigorific trucks so they can use them as beverages not toilet cleaning material.

Santa was right. Or he was not. In a place up far away from the ground with an amazing panorama, I wouldn’t carry on thinking about the poor children of the world whose wishes weren’t the priority of Santa because of his selfishness.

At the edge of the pool which you can see the breath-taking view ever that so called infinity-pool, I began to sip my cocktail having no concern about the desperate half of the world. I solaced myself as if half of the world were already miserable with or without my ignorance.

We’ve had actually spent lots of money from the children’s savings, we had only one chance to turn our world round again. When I looked the place where I put my finger, I saw that the golden globe awards us with “La cité de l’amour”: Paris!

Just as we were passing thorough fire circle of Middle-east, a missile fired from Syria shooted two of our deers. We hardly flew over the land-mined area of Turkey. Fortunately I don’t remember my passing by when we crashed the land somewhere near Urfa.

As I opened my eyes, it was told to me that we crashed into Göbekli Tepe. Me and Santa were slightly injured but the two deers were sent to İstanbul to a wild life veterinary service.

The temples found here in Göbekli Tepe were said to be 11.600 years old which is 7000 years older than the Great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

We have mayors who splits into art and politicsmen who gives the order of demolition for the Statue of Humanity just because he thinks that it looks like a freak. So the Santa’s reaction wasn’t different from the others:

– Paris! We should have gone to Paris! How we ended up in this very old temple of the world! God damn it!

At Göbekli tepe, me and Santa Claus were together with the crew of the nearest hospital that established a temporary hospital and with AKUT* team who arrived for search and rescue learning that a sledge crashed into the ground in Urfa (*Search and Rescue Association).

When Nasuh Mahruki, the head of AKUT team, learned about our misguided behaviours about the packages of the children of the world, he blamed us. Santa Claus feeling some regret after all, called his spare deers back for duty, to do the right thing and I started to call every volunteered association with the help of AKUT.

What we are gonna do was to try to deliver the packages to the children of the world. AKUT and the other volunteered people, me and the Santa have delivered all the packages al last.

We took the healing deers from İstanbul and when the clock ticked 31/12/2012 00.00, we were at the top of the Eiffel Tower: Joyeux Noël!

20121217-001446.jpgHe did failed because of his selfishness but Santa was finally proud of himself as a student finishing his homework at the last minute:

– Even Hubble’s eyes are blurry, why can’t we see the world as the way we want it to be?

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