Здравстуйте Russian Federation!

Hi United States!

Hallo Deutschland!

Hello United Kingdom!

Selam Azarbeycan!

Hello South Africa!

Salam Saudi Arabia!

Hello Switzerland!

Hi Netherlands!

Zdravo Serbia!

Hola Mexico!

Salut France!

Hello & Salut Canada!

Ciao İtaly!

Hello Georgia!

Hello Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Hi Austria!

Hello Bulgaria!

Hello New Zeland!

Selam Kıbrıs!

Χαιρετισμός Greece!

Hello Brazil!

Salam Morocco!

Salut Belgium!

Hello Liechtenstein!

WordPress says at least one person visited my site from these countries. So I wanted to say hello. I am sorry that the only language I speak is English. But I am glad that I can speak English so that somebody around the world, somebody who is thousands of miles away, can understand me when s/he reads.

If the question is who I am; a full-time mother of a 9-year-old boy, two dogs and five cats at home, countless of them around the town. I am a pharmacist after all. And finally I am the CEO, writer, editor, spokesman, photographer, salesman and public-relationsman of my self-newspaper: https://tugbaturan.com/

I wanna thank all the English teachers who taught me British English in all those long-lasting years of school. And I wanna thank all the Hollywood movies for ‘American-English’ed accent that made me talk like an American. (I know the term ‘American-English’ed isn’t a right one but may I have some fun with English please- as I am having with my native language?)

I like Clive Owen talking in pure British accent but I can’t really understand Robert Downey Jr. when he is Sherlock Holmes. (I can’t understand Jude Law either, I prefer to ‘watch’ him instead.) I like Robert Downey being an arrogant hero of made of IRON more than his investigations.

So does Obama, right? I know he is one of Obama’s active supporters with Batman and Spiderman.

I wish you could read my totally fictional story about meeting George Clooney in Geneve. I wish you could see how I named the main meal as “Turkey filled with Syriana pilaw”. But the story is in Turkish.

Here I am in the middle of the middle-east crying out loud so that you can hear my voice from all over the world. I wish I could visit all the places that I mentioned.

I hope whomever reads this pen-friend-letter-likely words of mine, forgives me for my half-forgotten English. But as my blog’s name is “MEMORY OF A FISH” in English, I am proud of the remains of this language that runs in my mind. Because I couldn’t ever reach to anyone of you without these words coming up together.

Best wishes from Safranbolu, Türkiye.

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