*Happy birthday.

Somebody, somewhere in Vietnam searched a  “Sinh Nhât” picture for her/his boy/girl-friend.

You know we only mention the name of your country while talking about the war. The war after which American people, as always, showed themselves as the only victims. And made us forgot all about what they’ve done in the your country.

But I’m not here to argue about what the Americans did. Some of us know, some of us are aware, rest of the world is sleeping.

Mostly I’d like to welcome my Vietnamese friends here, in my self-newspaper: chào đón!

tờ báo của tôi !

I think this is enough of Google-translated Vietnamese today. Because I am not sure it’s totally right.

So I want to say happy birthday to whom his/her girl/boy-friend searched for a gift or something.

Best wishes from Safranbolu, Türkiye !

lời chúc mừng tốt đẹp nhất từ Safranbolu, Turkiye


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